02 October Monday

BJP Govt Using Governors As Political Tool : Sitaram Yechury

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Dec 21, 2022

Kariveloor : The BJP government uses governors as political tool for implementing the RSS’s political agenda, said CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury.  The maneuver is  happening  not only in Kerala, but also in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, where Governors are being used to undermine the government elected by  people, said Yechury. He was inaugurating the 76th Anniversary event of Karivellur Martyrs Day.

The Centre has been using central agencies like ED and CBI to destiablise state governments and manipulations using governors is a continuation of that trend.  The BJP government is trying to saffornise  the education sector of India. It is with this aim that, it is trying to devastate universities of Kerala using the Governor.

Another strategy with the Central govt is to brand  anyone a traitor, should he criticise the Centre. Hundreds of people in Kerala are languishing in jail after being  charged with UAPA. There no proof to any wrongdoing.  Not even journalists are spared,  should they dare to criticise.  Journalist Siddique Kappan from Kerala is latest  victim of this game.

The Central government is trying to chase farmers out from the agricultural sector and hand it over  to big corporates. That's solely why  anti-farmer laws came to be introduced.  When farmers agitation reached colossal levels, the government withdrew the laws, but not completely. Of the country's 130 crore people, 80 crore cannot survive without free food handouts. India features among the bottom ten countries in the world hunger statistics.

While the BJP government is pushing  radical Hindutva agenda, the Congress is peddling soft Hindutva. Hindu extremism cannot be ridden with soft Hindutva approach. That can only be achieved by hoisting the secular flag, said Yechury.