23 March Thursday

Treating One’s Own Countrymen Is All Important; Modi Should Not Yield To Threats From Trump : Yechury

Web Desk‌Updated: Tuesday Apr 7, 2020

NEW DELHI : Prime Minister Narendra Modi should not yield to threats sounded by US President Donald Trump, said CPI(M) General Secretary  Sitaram Yechury.  In the ongoing war against Covid pandemic, India should prioritise lives of its own citizens before anything else. The India govt bears a responsibility of  protecting its people first. Succumbing to pressures from Trump administration, Modi should not offer supplies of Covid drugs the country could eventually fall short of. There should be no compromise on this matter at a time when lives our  own people are on the line, Yechury said on his FaceBook page.

India treats Covid-19 on a relatively inexpensive drug , Hydroxychloroquine or the anti-Malarial drug. The Centre stopped exports of the drug apprehensive of possible shortage to treat growing number of coronavirus infected people in the country. Within hours of the ban, Trump made a telephone call to Modi asking for supplies to which,  PM did not respond. Agitated, Trump on Monday announced that there would be retaliation on part of US, if India did not export the drugs. In the latest development, the centre is mulling to relax its earlier ban on the export.