04 April Saturday

1/3rd Illiterate, 1/4th No Toilets ; Centre’s Tall Claims Fall Flat

Web Desk‌Updated: Thursday Nov 28, 2019

NEW DELHI : Modi Govt’s tall claims on  upliftment of  the masses proved hollow after the data released by its own agency pointed to the country’s abysmal state,  in terms of literacy and basic sanitation facilities.


One-third of the country’s rural folks are illiterate and one-fourth among them, have not toilet at home and use open spaces to defecate, says govt run agency – the National Statistics Office. The report is based on survey carried out in 2018-19.


The publication reveals how the country’s public health care, sanitation, literacy, and women empowerment is in doldrums.


One-third of India’s population aged above seven are uneducated  Illiteracy is more rampant among women folks. One-third of the women do not know to write or read, says the report.


The Survey also points to failure of Prime Minister’s project of empowering poor homes with LPG fuel.  Nearly half  the rural households use firewood for fuel, the report says. This contrasts   the govt claim that 90 percent of the poor homes are provided with LPG.


The health sector too is in poor state. One out of  five individuals has no insurance cover of any sort, says the survey. Thus, amid tall clams about PM’s Health Insurance scheme being a huge success, at least 20 percent of the country’s population remain without health cover of any kind.