03 February Friday

Water Level Rising In Idukki Dam, Nears 141 Ft

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Monday Dec 5, 2022

Idukki: Water level at Idukki reservoir  has reached 140.50. Should it touch 141, authorities will issue the second alert for opening of shutters.

At 142 ft, the spillway shutters shall be raised, releasing  excess water into Periyar. Meanwhile Tamil Nadu continues to take away 511 cusecs of water.

Yesterday, Periar and Thekkadi recorded 0.4 mm and 2.4 mm rains yesterday. Tamil Nadu records put water level in Mullaperiyar reservoir as 7153 cubic feet. With water levels high at Vaiga reservoir,  Tamil Nadu unable to take away  any more water. Authorities have reduced water flow from the dam to 1167 cubic ft.