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Unpralleled Feat ! Kerala's LIFE Fulfills Housing Dreams of 1.5 Lakh Families

Web Desk‌Updated: Monday Dec 2, 2019

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM ; Kerala shatters national record constructing  1.5 lakh homes under its public housing scheme - LIFE. 1,50,530 houses were built in two phases, making the state a role model to rest of the country in terms of housing its homeless.


In the first phase, the project picked up 51,887 units left half-way and constructed them to the finish. In the second phase, it built 98.543 houses  for those who  owned land  strips but lacked  home of their own.


This unmatched feat, achieved by  local self-governments, comes despite the state's struggle through massive flood conditions since two years.


There were 54,186 houses that remained unfinished owing to varied obstacles over the years. Of these, 2,299 cannot be taken ahead owing to legal snags in terms of ownership, succession disputes, death of the beneficiary etc.


LIFE is set to complete  2 lakh units before 26 January, 2020.

A total of 2,29,921 beneficiaries own land. Of this, 1,83,293 people have entered into agreements with their respective local self-government divisions.

Building  98,643 houses was  carried out after overcoming loan hurdles at  HUDCO. Construction works at 84,650 units are  presently in progress, of which only finishing touches remain at 50,000.


LIFE will prop up  80 housing complexes  across the districts. For this, Collectors have marked  suitable plots in their respective districts, the approvals of which together with their  building plans have been through for  most projects. The project uses use FIBAB technology for all its constructions.