06 December Tuesday

Sweeping Victory : LDF Bags Five Of Six Wards In Kollam

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Wednesday May 18, 2022

Kollam : In Kollam, LDF wins five panchayat seats of total six up for grabs. The gains include two of Congress’s sitting seats and and one that of BJP. One LDF sitting seat was lost to Congress.

LDF’s wins include  Velliyam’s Kallapilla ward, Klappana East ward in Klappana panchayat, Santirikkal ward in Perinaad, Kizhakurrutti in Aryankauv panchayat and Shoornad’s Sangmam panchayat. Of these, Santhikal and Sangamam were Congress wards and Kuzhurutti BJP’s sitting seat.