29 September Friday

Suresh Gopi’s Kaineetam The Beginning Of Poll Propaganda : A. Vijayaraghavan

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Apr 14, 2022

 Thrissur : Suresh Gopi’s Vishu Kaineetam episode reflects beginning of BJP’s poll propaganda, said CPI(M) Polit Bureau member A. Vijayaraghavan. Vishu Kaineetam is kind of a inaugural of election campaign and bears a political motive, said Vijayaraghavan.

There is no need to rope in faith and customs into poll campaigning. Suresh Gopi is a member of the BJP . As a parliamentarian, he has been  protecting BJP interests. Everything is part of the screenplay. He’s trying to usher north-Indian gimmicks into Kerala. Suresh Gopi’ behaves like enacting a film  character. Getting women to touch one’s feet is unheard of in Kerala, said Vijayaraghavan.

Context : On Tuesday, Suresh Gopi stopped by in his vehicle at various points in Thrissur handing out 100-rupee note to women at random. On footages viralling on social media, women were seeing accepting the handout and touch his feet turn by turn.