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Super Specialty Coming Up At Kollam Medical College; Land Acquisition Underway For Overall Expansion

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Jan 13, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram :  While land acquisition progresses for overall expansion of Kollam Medical College, the Health Minister KK Shailaja  asked officials to come up with proposals for setting up Super Specialty on premises. The minister also called for speedier  construction works and setting up of the Rs 8 crore budgeted Cath Lab shortly from now. The slew of expansion directives  were conveyed at a high-level meeting the minister held with health officials on Wednesday.

A state-of-art trauma care is one of the major highlights planned for Kollam Medical College.  Rs 5 crore is being allocated for the purpose. Located in close proximity to the national highway, the accident trauma patients are rather high in number. Trauma care aims to deliver  quality emergency care for these victims along with quality medical services to residents in the district. The level-2 trauma unit will be equipped with emergency medicines and triage system. Pay ward, MRI, Scanning will be arranged at the specialty, the minister said.  

At the meeting, the minister congratulated hospital staff for their outstanding covid-treatment efforts. The Medical College put on exemplary services and was able to save lives of even some aged above 100, the minister said.

Stage-by-stage works are currently advancing speedily toward Medical College’s expansion. When the present government came to power, the Kollam Govt Hospital had no facility whatsoever to  transform into a Medical College. An ESI dispensary was the only unit operational at the site. The current  government  ushered in capacities and scaled up the hospital to be able to enrol 100 medical students for MBBS course. The govt also upped the bed numbers at the hospital to 600 from a previous 300. transforming  the skeletal hospital to become a full-fledged Medical college.

Put in place were emergency state-of-the-art casualty, operation theaters, labour room, Karunya pharmacy and a 24=hour blood bank after  the current government took office. A 10-bed dialysis unit is functional at the hospital. To expand functional capability as full-fledged covid hospital, bed capacity for the wing was increased from 300 to 500.

The meeting held today saw participation from   Kollam District Collector B Abdul Nazar, Medical College Projessor Dr N Roy, Medical College Superintendent Dr. Habib Naseem, District Pogram manager Dr. Hari Kumar, NHI Chief Engineer Anila and the PWD Chief Engineer.