27 January Friday

Sudhakaran and Gang Provided Security Backup For RSS To Conduct Riots : MV Govindan

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Thursday Nov 10, 2022

Kannur :  K Sudhkaran’s announcement of security cover fpr RSS is no surprise, , said CPI(M) State Secretary MV Govindan.  Sudhakaran’s bond with RSS did not start just  yesterday or today.  Sudhakaran and his gang  provided security coverage for RSS for  unleashing  riots. He had  backed up miscreants who  arrived to pull down mosque,  MV Govindan added.

Context : At an event held in Kannur two days ago, Sudhakaran said he supplied RSS with manpower RSS needed  to open up branches at multiple locations, something that RSS has failed to do on its own until then. Sudhakaran also recalled his henchmen  lend security backup for the RSS branches long after they were set up.  Interestingly, Sudhakaran also repeated his stand that he would shift to BJP camp anytime he thought it was appropriate – a threat that, the last time, eanred him a ticket for Parliament elections and one that saw him land the KPCC president post.