29 March Wednesday

Stillbirth of Twins In Alappuzha; Twin-to-twin Transfusion Syndrome Suspected

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Jan 18, 2023

Alappuzha : Doctors in Alappuzha suspect twin-to-twin Transfusion Syndrome - a condition where twins share common placenta instead of regular two - as cause to the deaths of unborn twins of Kathrikapally native who underwent emergency cesarean section last night.

The expecting couple and their relatives were informed prior of the two babies having just one placenta. As the unborns were fully developed, a C-section was scheduled for Wednesday. On Tuesday night, the babies appeared less mobile in the womb up on scanning. Further examination showed their heart beats dropping. Relatives were consulted and an emergency cesarean was performed. To the disappointment of all, the babies, emerged lifeless, one all red and the other pale.

The hospital, in a statement, said all medical services were administered for the babies and mother. The bereaved  mother, 32-year-old Pulikkesh native from Karthikapally Mahadevicaud , was admitted into the Medical College on the 13th. It was her 2nd delivery, the first also being ceserean.

The mother’s health condition is stable, the Medical College Principal said in a press conference. A postmortem will be conducted on the twins, one a boy and the other a girl.