27 June Monday

SilverLine : Distance Not A Detriment For Compensation; Village Rate Criterion To Apply For All Places Outside City Limits

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Wednesday Apr 27, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : It is false  propaganda that in order to fetch high compensation rate during land acquisition for SilverLine, the properties must be located 40 km away from cities. Criterion determined for village  stretches will apply to all places outside city limits. Compensations based on 2013 Act and rehabilitation shall come assured.

The new criterion was announced as city rates stand higher than land cost in rural areas. An average will be arrived at taking together 50 percent of all top transacted rates in near-term. The area of land will then be multiplied to  this figure. The product derived thus will be multiplied by a  factor figure to arrive at the total sum payable to the land owner. The factor figure would be  higher for city lands given that their costs fare higher.  The factor for some cities is 2. The factor figure for land  shall vary depending on  distance from city limits.  At some places the factor might go up to 3 or even 4, meaning if factor is 4 the beneficiary stands to gain 4 times the cost of land in compensation.

Apart from land cost, beneficiaries will come to be paid monies for building, house, trees etc.  The final solatium will thus comprise land cost in multiples plus monies for all  tangible things situated on the property.

The current compensation aims to ,make up for all grievances that comes with giving up of ones property. In the past, only 30 percent of property value was paid in solatiums.