03 July Sunday

Shahana’s Family, Relatives Insist She Could Not Have Killed Herself

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday May 21, 2022

Cheruvathur : The family and relatives of the deceased actress and model Shahana repeated she could not have committed suicide. The insistence came in their testimonies to Asst. Commissioner K. Sudarshan. Statements were collected at Shahana’s parent’s home from her mother Umaiba, siblings Bilal and Nedeem, and three other relatives.

The contents read thus:
Shahana had clear plans for her future and was preparing for acting career in films. She had placed phone call 24 hours before being found dead. There was no indication of anything amiss at that time. Something bad has happened after that. Things  the rented house where she was discovered dead too appeared suspicious. In the room, there were two glasses of tea drunk to the half. Shahana has not had tea in the past 20 years. So who drank from those glasses ? There was certainly a third person in the room.

They say Shahna hanged herself by the window.  There is a cot close to the window that would lend support  if she were to hang from the window. The house owner says he found Shana lying in her husband’s lap when he visited the family at 12.30  midnight. Why did the house owner visit  at that unearthly hour? It sounds suspicious. Shahana’s  husband’s mother and his siblings constantly agonized her, read the testimonies.