01 February Wednesday
More members are expected to quit in coming days, the leaders said in their press conference

Senior League Leaders In Kochi Leave Party To Join CPIM)

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Jul 22, 2021

Kochi : Senior League leaders in Kochi severed ties with the party over its growing communal and divisive stance. Those walking out joined CPI(M. Eight leaders including member of National Committee and former Councilar PM Harris, National Committee member Reghunath Panreli embraced Left.

Outgoing leader criticised League’s functioning and said , group leaders decide matters and  carving out  shares for themselves.  Also, the party is practically non-existent beyond Malappuram, they claimed. The senior leaders sent their resignations to Panakkad Thangal. The exits only the beginning and more League members are expected to quit the party in coming time.  The new members joined CPI(M) without conditions attached. At the press conference, they  said the state government efforts during crises have been the most optimal and further that the Pinarayi government handled the issue of secularism most ideally.