24 September Sunday

Semi Cadre Splash : Congress Gives Lucky Draw Prizes To Protest Participants

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Thursday Nov 18, 2021

Kozhikode : For K Sudhakaran's ‘semi cadre’ model, throwing up gimmick seems next to throwing  weight around. The party rewarded its protest participants by giving  lucky winners with gas stove, petrol and cylinder. The new style incentive was administered by Peruvayil Block Committee

The lucky draw incentive was lure for Congress’s recently held statewide protest against fuel price hike.  Names of two male protest participants would be drawn for  prize of 5 litre petrol and one woman  lucky draw winner would be entitled for gas stove.  These incentives came printed on all of Congress’s protest posters.

The protest prize lucky draw was held Thursday morning in front of Krishibhavan, Perumnanna. Prizes were also announced at the function for K Ahmed, Ebrahimkunj, and Bindu Kirshna.  The slips from raffle drum were drawn by KPCC General Secretary K Jayenthan who  inaugurated the event and also  announced the prizes.

The lucky draw was held to rake up more participants, said former DCC General sEcretary Dinesh Perumanna. Block president A Shiyali presided over the function.