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Saffron Party Desperate After Conspiracy Exposed ; AK Balan Hits Out At BJP For Rumours On Talks With Bindu i

Web Desk‌Updated: Tuesday Nov 26, 2019

Thiruvananthapuram : AK Balan on Tuesday, rubbished BJP leader K Surendran’s FB post that, the minister held talks with self-claimed activist Bindhu Amini on Monday.

The Minister for Cultural Affairs said, he was not present at the Secretariat yesterday and was at Cherthala at 11 am and later attended an inaugural function at Backward Community Sub Office in Karunaggapally around 6 pm evening, after which he returned to his residence in the capital. These details can be verified with my travel documents, Balan said. 

Additionally, news paper reports at Alappuzha and Kollam have covered these visits, the minister said.

How can I hold talks with  a woman at Thiruvananthapuram, without being actually present there, asked Balan.

The BJP leader is engaged in propagating blatant lies,  the minister slammed. It is signature Sangh Parivar strategy, to spread lies masked to appear like truth,  Balan said.

During pilgrimage season last year, Surendran tried hard to turn devotees against the govt, however the strategy boomeranged,  the minister said.

BJP then struggled hard to portray Bindu’s visit to Sabarimala as govt backed feat.

There is organized conspiracy behind all this, continued Balan. Trupti Desai’s arrival at airport today, was known to only to  RSS and a lone TV channel  in the state.

When she later took to Commissioner office at Kochi, only BJP protesters laid in wait there. These sequences clearly points to BJP conspiracy behind, Balan said.

Propagating lies stems from BJP’s embarrassment after its conspiracy stands exposed, the minister said.

Surendran should accept my challenge to produce evidence in  support of his claim that, I held talks with any person at all at Trivandrum Secretariat on 25 Nov, failing which he should offer public apology in the matter, the minister said.