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The project already has sanction from the defence ministry, said the Special Officer

Sabarimala Airport; False Propaganda; No Blockades To The Project

Web Desk‌Updated: Tuesday Sep 21, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram ; The propaganda of  Sabarimala airport project likely to fuse out owing to unsuitability of land identified for the purpose is baseless, said the project’s Special Officer V Thulasidharan. The feasibility report has been prepared jointly by KSIDC and consultancy company, Lui Bagrum. 

It is part of the procedure to submit  feasibility  report to the Aviation Ministry. Upon sending the report, the Central Aviation Directorate General(DGCL) send back  response comprising various questions, all of which have been meticulously answered for by KSIDC.

It is routine of central aviation authorities to be asking  such questions in relation to  building of an airport. During the construction phase of Kannur airport too, doubts of this nature were raised by the central aviation and the project was completed after providing  answers on all counts. Incidentally, the Sabarimala airport project already has sanction from  the defence ministry, said P Thulasidas in an interview with Deshabhimani.