27 June Monday

RSS and Jamait-e Islam Bros Forever

Web Desk‌Updated: Monday Feb 24, 2020

MALAPPURAM : The staunch  RSS  man who sounded minorities the chilling threat “Remember Gujarat while playing” curiously became key note speaker at a mosque, upon invitation from none other than Jamait-e Islam. It is a gesture of brotherhood, exlains Jamait-e-Islam.  Jamait’s cyber faithfuls claimed that ideology was the topic. Interestingly,  the mosque invite came shortly after hate campaigner TG Mohandas’s article in memory RSS veteran P Parameswaran appeared in Madhyamam daily.


At all times when secularism faced serious challenges, Jamait devotedly stood by RSS.  When Advani conducted his Rath Yatra, it was Madhyamam that pitched how compromises have be allowed for.

In the recent past, soon after Supreme Court delivered its Ayodhya verdict in favour of building temple at site, the meeting summoned by national security advisor Ajit Doval was attended by two Jamait leaders to represent the Muslim community. There , it declared  total support for BJP on behalf of its people.


In 1992, talks between  then banned Jamait-e Islam and BJP captured headlines in Khaleej Times. Ever since, BJP at no point asked for banning the organisation.  Madhyamam was first among Malayalam newspapers to feature an interview with Ram Madhavan, the BJP appointee tasked to overturn CPI(M) rule in Tripura.  In Jamait’s  meeting held to announce a new political party of its own, not surprisingly,  BJP representatives became its special guests.


Politics of religion being a shared interest to  RSS and Jamait, there is cooperation between the two  at  grassroots levels. Then, there is this common enemy the duo share  – secularism. Jamait-e Islam remains in BJP’s good book for its constant efforts to pull down the Left,  using rainbow allies and coups.