07 February Tuesday

Protesters Block Trucks With Construction Rocks In Vizhinjam; Tension Persists

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Nov 26, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : Protesters flooded blocking trucks carrying boulders for construction of Vizhinjam port. Around 40 such trucks became stranded after protesters swarmed around the vehicles stranding them to their spots. In the midst  of chaos, groups supporting the project clashed with those opposing it, following which police arrived at  scene to diffuse the situation. Several were injured in cross-stone pelting and were removed by the police to hospitals.

In its affidavit at High Court, the Protest Committee recently agreed it will not disrupt construction activities of the harbour. The conflic today thuse  is in direct violation of that agreement. The Adani group had recently announced  it was set to restart construction works today.

As news of that proclamation got out, protesters thronged to the place in an effort to block it.  Several lay in front on the loaded trucks disallowing further movement. Those blocking the trucks thus were gradually removed by the police. Siuation in the area continues to be tense.