25 March Saturday

Prophet Remarks : Central Govt Refutes OIC Statement

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Monday Jun 6, 2022

New Delhi
: The Central government refuted  OIC response  over controversial remarks on Prophet Muhammad made by two BJP leaders. The OIC(organisation of IIslamic Cooperation), in a statement had demanded that India should agree  to up hold rights of its Muslims to religion, individuality, culture, dignity and places of worship. The Foreign Affairs ministru  responded saying remarks by a  couple of people should not be taken as views of the  government. India is a country that respects all religions, the Ministry said.

BJP found itself in tight spot after its spokespersons Nupur Sharma and Navin Kuman Jindal aired  unsavory remarks against Prophet Muhammad  and took to tweeting the same. Although BJP leaders have indulged in similar comments before,  countries in the Arab world did not come together  like they just did to oppose so vehemently. Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi sounded  backlash by way of boycotting Indian goods following  BJP swung into action suspending Nupur and Navin.