07 June Wednesday

Precautionary Opening : Idukki Dam Opens At Regulated Pace; Periyar Region On Alert

Anita SasiUpdated: Tuesday Oct 19, 2021

Idukki : With more rains predicted from 20th, shutters at Idukki Dam was raised as precautionary measure. The Expert Committee chose today as ideal time to relieve the dam, owing to  lack of rains yesterday and more particularly there are no rains happening in the the catchment area. The dam stood at 2397.64 when the shutter opened.

The quatum water and pace  is vastly slower compared to 2018 when the dam last opened. The first shutter opened at 11 am discharging 1 lakh litre  water per second .  Opened at 11 am, water from the dam took 23 minutes to reach Cheruthoni. In 2018, Idukki  dam water reach Cheruthonni in just five minutes,  causing sudden floods that  submerged the Cheruthonni bridge – a key line for traffic movement in the region.

KSEB raised the dam's second shutter at  12 pm,  after observing there was no  kind of disruption caused in the  30 minutes of first opening. The 3rd shutter was also opened  similar fashion at 12.30 pm, the  goal being  to minimise flooding from unseasonal rains hit the state tomorrow.

Meanwhile, electricity production has been upped to 1.3615 crore units at  Moolamattum  plant. Post the production, 90.778 lakh cubic meter shall be released from the reservoir.