08 June Thursday

Popular Front Names Chief Whip On Its Event Notice Without Asking

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Aug 27, 2022

Kottayam: In a step too far, the  Popular Front names the Legislative Assembly Chief Whip, N Jayaraj in the flyer for “Naatoruma” event the party organised in Kottayam, without his knowledge. What’s more the notice mentions N Jayraj as event inaugurator. The Chief Whip, who is also Kanjirapally MLA, clarified he knows of it

“Nattoruma Sadhas” is a public gathering organised by Popular Front as part of its Area Committee conference in Pazhoor. The notice mentioned N Jayaraj as the guest inaugurating the event. The matter caught  attention of the Chief Whip when a resident in the area called to ask if he was indeed attending the event.