05 June Monday

People Of Kerala Will Outright Reject Amit Shah’s Call; MV Govindan

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Mar 13, 2023

Alappuha: The discerning public of Kerala will reject Amit Shah’s call to to give Modi government a chance in 2024 Lok Sabha elections, said CPI(M) State Secretary MV Govindan. In the last Assembly elections, BJP’s vote fell by about 3 percent. The sole representation it had in State too vanished. The setback awaiting BJP in coming Lok Sabha elections would be worse, said MV Govindan.

No Keralite with dignity will favour BJP that likened Kerala to Somalia, asked for Kerala’s health sector to pattern after Uttar Pradesh , branded Kerala as unsafe place and even called to trample Mahabali, said MV Govindan.

The Centre suffocating Kerala financially has halved state share. Rs 40000 cores of Central aid is kept  blocked. The Centre withholds approval for Kerala’s dream development project - the K-Rail. And, although Kerala stands out as  role model in health sector on even world stage, there is no sanction forthcoming for AIIMS to happen here.  

Amit Shah should reason why  Kerala should ever support the Modi government that  denies it Coach Factory in Palakkad, . a Railway Medical college in Thiruvananthapuram,  lays siege on  KIIFB to destroy it and makes moves to destroy the co-operative sector here. Amit Shah says the biggest favour the Centre did to Kerala is banning Popular Front.  The statement is also proclamation that the Centre did no other good here.

The people of Kerala have the political sense to see through communal polarisation agenda of the BJP. It is development activities of Kerala that need support of the Centre. May Amit Shah remember that denials based on political hostility does no good.

The recently revised guideline for MPs’ Local Development Fund shows how the Centre is opposed to welfare and  upliftment of the scheduled caste and scheduled tribes.The  2016 guideline stipulated that 15 percent of MP fund should be used for development of Scheduled caste community and 7.5 percent deployed in Scheduled tribe areas. That provision has been now removed and it  shows how the Centre is discriminatory towards the Scheudled sections.

An MP is allotted Rs 5 crore annually in Local Development Fund, meaning a parliamentarian receives Rs 25 crore over five years.  With no compulsion to now allocate 15 percent of that fund, Rs  3.75 cr, for scheduled caste community  and Rs 1.87 for scheduled tribes,  these sections are bound to suffer neglect.  The money for lighting up their streets,  bring drinking water closer home and building roads in their localities will not happen now. The Centre should  rethink the situation., said MV Govindan.

The revised guideline stipulates no MP funds shall be utlised toward projects in aided educational institutions. The direction was spelt in a press conference recently. This will  adversely impact Kerala’s public education sector, said MV Govindan, speaking at press conference during Janakeeya Prathirodha jatha(People's Resistance Rally) in Alappuzha.