27 September Wednesday

Paper Company Changes To “Big Contract”; Oppn and Media Story Changes Yet Again

Dinesh VarmaUpdated: Saturday May 6, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram : Media and Opposition change their  story yet again with regard to accusations against Safe Kerala project. Thier first claim was that  AI Camera contracts were awarded to paper companies. The latest claim is that the awardee is big contracting company. And,  the new demand is that, the net-worth of these companies should thus be ascertained.

The media and Oppn  originally trumpeted that the contracting company was owned by a Kannur native. The story now is that a Panthanamthitta native  is the owner and that  the company is witnessing a 500  times growth. in Gulf.  These people have also “corrected” their claim of who the major stakeholder  is. SRIT, they said, was  the recipient of the major chunk, and now they swear it is Presadio.

The media and Opposition are  unable to point any lacking in either  the project implementation, quality of the equipment or  performance. Therefore, chasing after allegations is the only way out.

No Business Connection With CM’s Relative: Presadio
The allegations being raised are totally unfounded, said Presadio Director Surendrakumar. In his interview on a news channel, Surendrakumar said  Prakash Babu had  no business links with Chief Minister’s relative as claimed. He is a close acquaintance.  Prakash Babu has been a close friend and neighbour in Oman since 2000, said Surendrakumar, adding that, money remitted to him has been in rentals. The flat Prakash purchased in Kochi was accommodate  his staff. It is Ramjith who has been appointed to oversee Presadio operations, said Surendrakumar.

Some media firms reported that Ramjith was CM’s benami(proxy).  Ramesh Chennithala had initially claimed that Ramjith owned Presadio and further that he was CM’s relative,  On Friday, Chennithala  did a U-turn on that story, claiming Sunilkumar was the company owner and that he was also a CPI(M) supporter.