02 April Sunday

Over 10,000 Workers Take Out March To High Court

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Apr 12, 2022

Kochi : Over 10,000 workers, under the aegis of Joint Trade Union,  took out march to High Court Tuesday morning 10 am for the prohibition it imposed on the workers’ right to conduct strike. In its order, the High Court questioned workers’  right in terms of having participated in the national bandh held 28th and 29th last week.

The state level apex court issued the said order without seeking workers say in the matter.  The court order comes even as the law allows  workers  to organise themselves,  conduct collective bargaining, have their fair rights acknowledged and conduct strike. Leaders at Joint  Trade Union Committee Elamaram Kareem, MP R. Chandrashekaran, KP Ramanchandran lend leadership to the march.