04 June Sunday

Opposition Ruckus Mars Question Hour; Assembly Adjourns For The Day

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Jul 6, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram With the Opposition’s waywardness throwing House into chaos, the Speaker dispersed Assembly for today. The unruly protest came over Minister Saji Cherian’s  comments on the Constitution.

The House began as usual with the Question Hour. However, the Opposition MLAs  instead of raising questionsm took to demonstrations - holding up placards and sloganeering. When chaos got out of hand, the Speaker called off the Question Hour and the impending Zero Hour as well.

Earlier, soon as the session began, Opposition demanded to ftirst discuss its adjournment motion.  The Speaker pointed out that would be outside the norm. To this, the Opposition reacted by resorting to full blown ruckus. The Speaker repeatedly  urged the Opposition to come up with  questions,given it was the Question Hour slot. .  However, the Opposition was unrelenting  and the Speaker  halted all futrher proceedings for the day.