04 June Sunday

Oppn. Tried To Incite Bloodbath In Assembly; Strong Protest Must Arise Against Anti-Democratic Ways: CPI(M)

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Mar 15, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram : There should arise strong protest against  anti-democratic ways displayed by the Opposition, said CPI(M) State Secretariat in a statement released Wednesday.

Introducing of urgent motions, discussions on some, rejection of some - all these matters  fall the discretionary powers of the Speaker’. That’s only natural.

However, in a departure  to this routine process, the Opposition made moves to elicit bloodbath inside the House.  The Opposition members blocked the Speaker from being even able to enter his office .And the Watch and Ward, appointed for the Speaker’s safety too was attacked when he rushed to the Speaker’s aid.  Seven Watch and Wards were assaulted. The Additional Chief Marshall was kicked in the chest and neck. Five women Watch and Wards were attacked and injured. Incidentally, people who came to the House to present urgent motion on women and children, themselves wounded at least five women Watch and Wards.

The government efforts in Brahmapuram were conducted with  extreme caution. Extinguishing of fire brought great relief to the people. The Chief Minister announced Vigilance probe into the blaze under Rule 300 in the Assembly. The ruckus raised by the Opposition was to smokescreen these developments.

Those that heaped mounds and mounds of garbage, and brought things to this state of affairs, now blame the government. The Opposition’s violent ways, stranding even Speaker, who is head of the house, should be strongly protested for,  said State Secretariat in its statement.