29 September Friday

NPR The First Step Towards NRC, Union Minister Had Said in 2014 : TN Seema Releases Document Proof

Web Desk‌Updated: Wednesday Dec 25, 2019

KOCHI : Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP leaders’ denial on NPR –NRC link falls flat, after former Rajya Sabha member and CPI(M) veteran TN Seema, released document proof to the contrary.

Back in 2014, then  Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiran Rijj wrote to Seema saying National Population Register(NPR) was the first step towards compiling National Register of Citizens(NRC). Kiran  was replying to a written query by the ex-RS member.

Seema posted the document on  her official FB page on Wednesday. It comprises the entire question-answer sequence of the specific Rajya Sabha session , in which the Home Minister clearly mentions the link.















 Significantly, TN Seema’s document on NPR intent, apart from busting BJP leaders’ lies, also comes at a time when States are wary of Centre’s call asking them to begin NPR surveys shortly, given that the country reels under protests over NRC and CAA, on fears that these dossiers will leave lakhs of minorities stateless.