03 December Friday

No Woman Should Become Assaulted; Will Ensure Maximum Punishment For Culprits : CM

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Thursday Oct 28, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : The government will in no way compromise on safety for women; Maximum punishment shall be ensured for all  culprits, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan in the Assembly on Thursday. The government aims  for a society in which no woman shall become assaulted. The government is making needful interventions in that direction and is currently formulating  newer schemes toward  that goal, said CM responding to adjournment noticed presented by the Opposition’s  Roji M John..

Citing incidents in northern states, it is claimed  similar conditions exist in Kerala. This  accusation is  in total disregard for  conditions  prevalent here and is  meant to  whitewash whom?, asked CM.

In all incidents listed in adjournment motion, steps were taken to arrest the guilty, pointed out CM.

In the incident  of assault on Kozhikode native, testimony from the girl victim  has been recorded. All four culprits were arrested,  charged under POCSO and Schedule Caste Schedule Tribe(Prevention of Assaults) Act, and legal proceedings initiated.

In the Malappuram  case, where the underage boy  attempted to rape the girl natived Kottukara,  the culprit has been produced before Juvenile Justice Board.

The culprit who molested minor girl in Vithura has been arrested. Also arrested is culprit in Kottakal case, where the 17-year-old rape victim gave birth to a child.

Police in Kottayam arrested Chingavanum native over suicide of girl from Kurichi. Also arrested are culprit who raped a mentally-challenged girl in Kozhikode and the man who raped Kollam Karikode girl after lacing her juice with drugs.

Sexual crimes in the state between 2016 – 2021 have actually reduced in number. There were 15,114 cases of crime against women registered in 2016. That number fell to 12,659 in 2020.

Rape cases in 2017 stood at 2003. In 2020,  it figured to 1880. Cases of other assaults in 2017 figured at 4413 while that number reduced to 3890 in 2020. There were 12 dowry-related deaths in 2017 as against 6 such occurrences in 2020, said CM.