24 September Sunday
The law punishing those attacking health workers has loose ends. The govt will move to tighten provisions of the Atrocities Prevention Act of 2012, the minister said.

No One Should Assume Health Workers Can Be Attacked: Min Veena George

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday May 12, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram : No one should assume they can attack health workers, said Minister Veena George.  Currently people who indulge in such acts are rarely convicted by the law. This will change and punishment shall be ensured for those found guilty. In order to do this, the government is proceeding to tighten provisions of Prevention of Atrocities Act of 2012, the minister said.

Health workers are professionals who treat people, irrespective of their backgrounds,  with sole aim of  saving lives. The recent incident has cracked their morale.  It is unacceptable to blame health workers without scientific basis and attack them on that ground.  Dr. Vandana Das lost her life at a time when her dreams had just taken off, the minister said.

Vandana was a doctor who helped patients with money from her own pocket.  I offer tributes in departure of that daughter, the minister said , speaking at the inaugural of concluding session of week-long state-level Nurses Week and at its nurses  award ceremony.  The procession slated for the week-long event was put off in the wake of the gruesome murder of Dr. Vandana Das.

At the event, the Minister presented Sister Lini Pudhussery Award for best nurses to P Sreedevi, V Sindhumol and MC Chandrika. MLA VK Prashant presided over the function.

 Participants at the function included : Health Department Additional Director Jose D'Cruz, Nursing Services Additional Director MG Shobhana, Nursing Education Joint Director Dr. Salina Shah, Nursing Council Registrar in Charge Asha P Nair, District Nursing Officer S Bindu, Dr. Bennett Abraham, SM Anas, TS Jita and KC Preeta Krishnan