20 January Thursday
This is the second time in a month that shutters were raised without prior warning

Tamil Nadu Shuts Nine Of Ten Mullaperiyar Shutters It Opened Earlier

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Thursday Dec 2, 2021

Idukki : Nine out of ten shutters at Mullaperiyar dam opened earlier owing surge in water levels, have now been closed. These shutters were opened in pre-dawn hours of Thursday, without Tamil Nadu issuing any prior information. Currently the lone shutter that’s open is raised to 10 cms only.

The unwarned opening inundated Vallakadav region with water gushing into houses suddenly in  sleep hours.   

This is the fourth time in a month’s time that Tamil Nadu  opened dam shutters in later hours after 10 pm, without  prior information to residents.

Meanwhile, water level in the dam continues to remain at 142 ft.  District Collector has relayed instruction asking residents along Periyar to remain alert.

Two  shutters were opened in similar fashion two days back. All of the dam’s shutters were closed yesterday morning however, with rains again, 10 shutters were raised this dawn releasing 8000 cusecs of water.

Revenue Minister K Rajan reacted to the unannounced shutter openings saying, it was  wrong to have done.