02 February Thursday

Will Not Appease Communal Forces For Sake of Few Votes: CM

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Mar 29, 2021

Kozhikode : Never in the past has the Left gone for opportunistic politics of appeasing communalism for sake of a few more votes and neither will it do that ever, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan,  addressing campaign rallies in Kozhikode  Sunday.

When Amit Shah asked to rollout Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA), the Left government clarified it will not implement the law here. However now, the Muslim League candidate in Guruvayur has announced they will fill out the Citizen Register forms toward that law. Congress, Muslim League and BJP are making some very unusual moves in the state and the Guruvayur candidate has no hesitation in giving out signals for appeasing BJP. It is UDF’s opportunistic approach that helped BJP open its account in Nemom and the Guruvayur candidate now  openly endorses carrying forward  that pact. People should be able to see through the deceptive ploy, said CM.

To protect secularism, it is essential to maintain uncompromising stand on  communalism. And, developments, not too long ago, prove Congress is incapable of doing that. Staying out of joint protest against CAA and beef ban are pointers to this, said CM.

“Vinasha kale, vivaritha bhuthi(Damning choices down the doom)” is currently steering UDF. The Opposition is propagating allegations without grasping the people-oriented foundations of LDF. Even UDF members wouldn’t agree with the Opposition Leader on that count. The history of Kerala suggests that the  Opposition Leader will eventually be dismissed by people receiving pensions and children who bring  rice to their homes, said CM.