01 April Wednesday

Modi Must Answer How One Religion Becomes Ineligible For Citizenship : Pinarayi

Web Desk‌Updated: Sunday Dec 22, 2019

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM : Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan came down heavily at the religion-based citizenship policy of the Centre saying, the Prime Minister, well aware that  religion or caste cannot be basis for govt policies, should act likewise.

The country is rocked by protests against government’s anti-constitutional, antidemocratic  move that divides people along communal lines. The Prime Minister is obliged to  answer the much raised question as to how one religion is  rendered ineligible for the county’s citizenship, Pinarayi said.

When people question unhealthy approaches of a govt, offering emotional response instead of straight answers is not a good idea. He said Why the cover-up on Home Minister Amit Shah’s announced intent on National Register of Citizens and Citizenship Amendment Act ?  CM asked.

The mass of Indian population takes upon itself the responsibility to preserve the basic principles of Indian constitution. And that emotion  should neither  be downplayed nor portrayed wrongly, he said.

When faulty implementation of demonetization distressed the masses, the prime minister came up with similar emotional dialogues saying ‘Please give the govt 50 days time”. Black money, counterfeit, terrorism et al were arrayed  to justify the horrible onslaught. What ever happened to those goals ? India still awaits the answers, Pinarayi said in the capital.