31 January Tuesday

Minds Obsessed With Communalism Should Be Wholly Alienated : CM

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Oct 26, 2022

Palakkad : Heinous minds obsessed with communalism  should be wholly alienated, said Chief Minster Pinarayi Vijayan, speaking outside of Chandranagar Marriage Auditorium, at event organised for handover of monetary aid to martyr Shajahan’s family and inaugural of his memorial.

We must declare it loud that just like drugs, there is no room among us for communalism.  When, elsewhere in the country, the Sangh Parivar and the RSS seeks to hunt down and attack people  who might consume meat on Diwali day, we here,  must light the glow-lamp to make Kerala drug-free. In our unitfied stand such as this,  we can throw out communalism from our midst, said CM.

Communalism in the country is rising to hazardous levels. Those in power at Centre are trying to destroy the country’s secularism and foster communalism. And  the Central government is of the stand it will go any length for it. BJP goes about  implementing  RSS programs and RSS has been anti-secular at all times.

They’re attempting to convert the country into a religious state and view as their domestic foes  the minority communities of Christians and Muslims, and the communists. RSS's gruesome murders with goal to weaken the party, said CM.