08 June Thursday

Makeshift Front To Rein In Sudhakaran; KPCC President Hitting Back

Special CorrespondentUpdated: Wednesday Dec 21, 2022

ThiruvananthapuramMoves are in motion to  remove  K Sudhakaran from post as KPCC president, by  honing in on his  pro-RSS proclamations  and the lingering  Muslim League irk with his leadership.  Sensing ruse, Sudhakaran side too is gearing up with hitbacks.  In the tug-of-war with Sudhakaran, KC Venugopal and VD Satheesan has support of A, I Group leaders to their side. However, Sudhakaran unleashed the first jolt, rejecting the Mahila Congress officer bearers list prepared with intervention from VD Satheesan.

There were rumors that VD Satheesan complained against Sudhakaran to Mallikarjun Kharge, during his last meeting with the  national president. The calculation was that Sudhakaran’s pro-RSS stance and his support of Shashi Tharoor will infuriate Kharge. However, heavyweights  including K Muraleedharan, Shashi Tharoor, Ramesh Chennithala etc lined up opposite  Satheesan.  Given the risk that  Sudhakaran will collect his gang and  make a run for BJP, the High Command is in no mood to experiment with the removal plan.

Earlier, Opposition Leaders were mostly former Chief Ministers and thereby enjoyed dominant say in the party.  All that changed with arrival of Satheesan who is a junior leader. With regard to deciding DCC office bearers and DCC reorganisation, it is Sudhakaran who weilds upperhand.  And, preparations are  on to remove the six DCC presidents who don’t feature in his good books.

Given the dynamics, Satheesan’s plan to take over the party by installing some youth leader like VT Balaram its president, is destined to crumble.

The Mahila Congress list, with the youngest woman as the capital district president, was kept hidden from the KPCC President, who later tore to pieces the  list Satheesan and Jebi Mather sent to the High Command.