24 September Sunday

Will Not Take Part In The Meeting: Support For Peace Efforts : MB Rajesh

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Apr 18, 2022

Palakkad : Allaying speculation over social media, Speaker MB Rajesh In his FB post clarified he was not attendin the All Party meeting slated in Palakkad today relating to the murder of SDPI and RSS workers.

FB Post(Excerpt)
There has been speculation surfing on social media if the Speaker will attend the all party meeting scheduled Monday in Palakkad. Going by norms, a Speaker does not partake in meetings of this nature. Even so, in capacity as representative from the region, I informed of joining the meeting. However,  that would set a new precedent and there also also arose  questions on ethic with regard to the constitutional post of a Speaker. In view of all aspects involved, I decided to drop the idea of attending.  I convey all my support for the ensuing decisions and peace .