04 October Tuesday

Manorama Drowns Video and News on Attacks on Cops; Social Media Fishes Out Edit History

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Feb 18, 2021

Kochi;  Manorama drowns video and news on attacks unleashed by  KSU workers in front of the secretariat on policemen there. Though it initially posted visuals of KSU workers  beating a fallen policeman after surrounding him, Manorama withdrew the LIVE footage shortly thereafter.

Manorama Online was first to break the news on cops getting injured and KSU’ violence at the venue. It’s initial headlines had read : “Protesters descended on the scene attacking policemen with sticks and stones. One cop was surrounded and thrashed.”  However in half-hour time, Manorama modified its story. “Attempt to cross over the Secretariat walls ended up in clashes with police. Police resorted to  Lathi charge twice.”, read Manorma’s revised headlines. The ‘edit history’ on Manorma’s FB page tells the tale  and reflects its “UDF vigil” well.

Manorama  attempted to do its best  justify the pre-mediated attacks carried out by KSU. There is clear footage showing co-workers trashing KSU leader Sneha on her face using sticks although, Manorama storied it as injuries from police action.