16 October Saturday
The new system will facilitate transfer of employees statewide, spelling greater efficacy for the department

All local Self-government Establishments Under One Roof; Minister Releases Guideline

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Monday Sep 20, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : Guideline is ready toward fulfilling LDF government’s promise of integrating all local self-government bodies in the state. The guideline in this regard was released by  Minister For Rural and Urban Local Self Governments, MV Govindan. With this, the departments of panchayat, urban affairs, panchayat, rural development, urban and rural planning and engineering will all come under one roof enabling schemes under various departments to be centralised.

Post integration, the district and state offices that functioned as upper control will become help centres. Both these offices will blend as one. Also, it will become possible to effect state-level transfers of  employees, a feature that will spell greater efficacy for self-governance. Formulation of special rules and organisational structure for the transformation is in its last stages. Training of employees to brace up to the new system will commence shortly.