24 October Sunday

Leaders Being Sidelined To Accommodate Incomers From Congress : K. Surendran

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Nov 30, 2020

Thriruvananthapuram : K Surendran divulged a unique strategy related to huge influx anticipated from Congress.  Several from the party including leaderships in Congress are expected to join BJP  once the local body elections are over, he said, futher pointing out that,  it is to accommodate such newcomers that BJP’s own leaders including  party seniors are being sidelined. .  

Complaints from leaders such as PM Velayudhan cannot be resolved. BDJS’s  area of influence and contribution can be only assessed after election results. Congress’s performance at elections this time around is set to be pathetic. On Shoba Surendran’s criticism,  Surendran said, the complaint was of the normal kind one encounters while trying to advance an organisation. I have not thought about calling her directly in the matter at least now, said Surendran.

In the bar  bribery case, the Vigilance should  find out where all the bribe money raised has gone. If needed, there should be help sought from central agencies for the probe, said Surendran in his interview on a media channel.