29 June Wednesday

LDF Grabs BJP Seat in Palakkad’s Pallashana; Also Wins Cherpulassery

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Wednesday May 18, 2022

Palakkad : LDF candidates win both wards that went to polls in the district. CPI(M)’s K. Manikantan caught back  BJP’s sitting seat in 11th ward of Kudallur in Pallashana panchayat.

In 23rd ward of Kottakunnil in Cheruplassery Municipality, CPI(M)’s Bijesh Kannan won with vote lead of 419. Of the total 793 votes cast Bijesh Kanan won 587, UDF 168 and BJP -38.

Kudallur victory came on a lead of 65 votes. Of the total 114 ballots, K. Manikantan scored  559; BJP 494 and UDF 61.