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KPCC Office-bearers List : KC Venugopal Made Overwhelming Interventions, Claim Cong Groups

Special CorrespondentUpdated: Wednesday Oct 13, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : Groups  slammed AICC General Secretary KC Venugopal for his overwhelming  push to cram  personal favourites into the KPCC office-bearers list. They also accused him of sabotaging the selection norms. Venugopal quickly countered that accusation  saying he was not a leader out the blue and  there was focused effort  to lay all blame on his head. K Sudhakaran entered the scene backing  KC Venugopal's views wholeheartedly. Wutg this the  argument match  on party  re-organisation reached  more heated levels. Incidentally, the final list, handed over to High Command, is expected to be announced Wednesday.

Venugopal kicked up controversy over  insistence that two former DCC presidents including MP Vincent, and one woman leader be included in the list. Both A and I Groups protested the recommendations following which, Tariq Anwar, returned the proposed list asking to reconcile matters with senior leaders in the state. At the time Sudhakaran said  returning to Kerala  with list in its current form would mean facing   huge outbursts. The final list was then formulated  following talks held Tuesday between Opposition Leader VD Satheesan and Sudhakaran. At end of the day, the list reportedly included all  names  recommended  by Venugopal.

Venugopal interventions included recommending  for the list  a woman leader who happens to be office bearer nationally. He also pitched for making former Kollam DCC president Bindu Krishna the Vice President. To see his wishes through, Venugopal called for modifying existing rule that diqualifies DCC presidents who might have resigned from their post.
However the High Command stuck with Sudhakaran’s veiw  that a compromise of set norms could see more dissent.

Meanwhile, Venugopal appeared in front of media denying any attempt on his part to dilute selection norms, adding that, decisions  arrived at by state leaders shall be implemented wholly. It is not possible to cede to the argument that all close acquainted me should be discarded, Venugopal added.

In typical style,  Sudhakaran who held discussions with Satheesan,  did not meet up with seniors including Oomen Chandy and Ramesh Chennithala. He also turned a deaf year to grumblings made by former DCC presidents.