29 September Friday
Communist establishment does not bend to threats, reminded A Vijayaraghavan

AN Radhakrishnan’s Open Threat To CM, A Call For Violence Spree : A. Vijayaraghavan

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Jun 16, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : AN Radhakrishnan’s open threat to Chief Minister over investigations into havala case involving  BJP leaders, is a call to unleash violence spree in state, said CPI(M) acting secretary A. Vijayaraghavan, adding that, the gesture should be viewed with grave concern.

The effort is to transform peaceful atmosphere in state into a riotous one.  BJP is leaning to a  style of going beyond expressing political opinion and launch  personal attacks on  CM’s family. The BJP leader’s open death threats comes in the wake of several the party’s leaders grappling with incrimination in the havala case.

The attempt is to cloud BJP corruption and unleash violence to deflect attention. The recently concluded elections  defeated BJP’s attempt to topple the Left government using central agencies.

Interestingly, a party that mounts sedition charges over television chat views is questioning rule of law  in Kerala. AN Radhakrishnan threatens to assassinate the Chief Minister and trap his family members in fake cases while K Surendran is trying to intimidate officials probing havala case and take law into his own hands.

There should be strict action against these persons who are trying to wreck peaceful life of the people. It would do good for BJP leaders to remember that threats and face-offs will not hold up in Kerala. The state’s Left party has a quite a history of paying back  such elements in their own coin.

In all past instances when threats were posed, , the Chief Minister very much slept at residence  as is routine. Communists do have a history of falling at knees from  BJP’s threats. The communist establishment and its leaders have surged forward facing greater challenges than these. With BJP leaders’ corruption now exposed, the party’s criminal nature is starting to show on the surface.

If it be wished for  CM to intervene and end probe against K Surendran’s involvement in havala case, that dream will not daylight. “Refusal to compromise would render it impossible to sleep in one’s home and plight of having to see children in prison” - these kind of threats  make no sense in Kerala. There should strict action against Radhakrishnan for issuing threats against CM and  family. K Surendran and KN Radhakrishnan are resorting to stunts to to cover up embarrassment of being caught red-handed in the havala case.

Havala deals came to light only after police probed the robbery complaint. It is rule of law in its truest sense that prevails under CM’s leadership in Kerala. Attempt to intimidate governing authorities will not work in Kerala. There should arise protest among public against such fascist intimidation, said A. Vijayaraghavan.