01 April Saturday

Kerala Will Not Allow RSS To Pull Out Its True Colours: CM

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Jan 9, 2023

Thiruvanathapuram :  RSS perception of minorities as enemies  is same anywher in the country, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.  In Kerala, RSS is not able to take out its true colours because, the atmosphere prevalent here is such that, that society as a whole will come together to confront it, said CM at inaugural of Public Conference of the All India Women’s Association (AIDWA)  held at Putharikandam Maidan Monday evening.

There is a high proportion of victim shaming with regard to women in the country. RSS’s view of minorities as enemies is not based on  any Vedic myth. Rather,it is  Hitler’s Nazism that forms basis to it.  Mass execution is Hitler’s style and RSS thinks it can be implemented here.

Several paid with their lives in Kerala resisting RSS’s communal perpetrations. These lives were sacrificed to prevent  RSS from carrying out atrocities they wished done  against the minorities.  RSS’s hate of minorities is not limited to the Muslims alone. RSS is carrying out appeasement moves in Kerala lately. It should be seen through. Freedom of worship is becoming banned. Christian charges are being increasingly attacked.  

In Karnataka, a church was attacked on Christmas day of 2021. In the Christmas that just passed, several Christians were driven out of Chhattisgarh.

BJP seeks to divide people. The Centre undermines women’s safety and gender equality. Even when woman suffers abuse or violence, there is tendency to blame her for it. Victim shaming is routine.  The RSS-led BJP govt is attempting to further a male chauvinist society. The Bilkis Banu case is an example of this.

In Kathua, rallies are being organised in support of the accused. Citizenship is being made on the basis of religion and a section of the society live in perpetual fear, said CM.

Kerala adopts alternative models to contain inflation and unemployment. Here, welfare schemes are seen as right of the people rather than  some kind of charity.  This government is committed to protecting women’s rights.
Kerala is a state that implements gender budget. Nava Keralam too will incorporate this, said CM.