13 July Monday

No Community Spread in Kerala; Outcome From Mitigation Measures Above Global Standards

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Jun 2, 2020


Thiruvananthapuram : There is no instance of Covid-19 community spread anywhere in Kerala. said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. Neither there exists cluster of cases with unidentified transmission source, the reason why community spread cannot be spoken of as scenario for the state, the minister said. The 30 cases, where contact tracing is yet to hit upon a source, has not slipped yet into community spread. This feature is unique to Covid-19 unlike for other ailments, the minister added.


In variance with most of the developed countries, Kerala’s Covid mitigation strategy relies  on its public health system for effective treatments and prevention. In nations that have witnessed huge surges, preventive measures are limited to testing and subsequent treatment alone, a reason why it is difficult to curb rapid spread of the virus. Kerala on the other hand, effectively contains the spread by putting in place its public health system mechanisms extensively.


Our public healthcare system is largely decentralized. The criterion is to observe how many people does one infected person transmit the virus to. The global average is 3. The first three Covid-19 cases in Kerala, were detected in students who arrived from Wuhan. We were able to ensure that no other person contracted the virus from the them. And, we have been able to maintain the direct transmission rate to 0.45 till today. Only a handful of countries have been able to accomplish such low rate.


90 percent of the cases that occurred after 4 May came from outside. The figure prior to that was 67 percent. Around 3000 tests have been made since 29 May, said CM at the media briefing in the capital.