23 November Monday

State’s Covid Cases on Decline; Marginal Surge in 3 Districts Only

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Oct 29, 2020


The Weekly Report of Health Department signals a  decline in state’s covid infections.  Test positivity rate in Malappuram district stood at 31.6 in third  week of October. The  figure  slid to 20.6 percent by 4th week, - a drop that sent relief throughout the state  for virus seeming to finally be coming under control,

The 3rd Weekly Report had shown decreasing positivity rate  in 8 districts. In the fourth report, that number  rose to 11. There were 168 deaths recorded during the period,  3.89 lakh  samples tested and 54,795 recoveries reported  Only three districts during that period showed a spike in positivity rates: Kollam -12.5%; Pathanamthitta -  9.3% and  17.6 Alappuzha%.

Idukki with positivity rate of just 5.7 is the lowest-case district in the state followed by Wayanad with 6.4 percent. Though Pathanamthitta has its case numbers slightly high, it features 3rd on chart for lowest positivity rate. By contrast, though case numbers are now less by 11 percent, positivity rate in Malappuram is on the high.