15 July Wednesday

Coronavirus : 131 new Cases, 75 recoveries, 19 new hotspots today

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Jun 30, 2020


Thiruvananthapuram : There were 131 new covid-19 cases reported across the state today, of which 65 pertain to overseas arrivals and 46 to travelers from states outside. The tally for new infections also includes Thiruvananthapuram native, Thankappan)76), who died during the day and testing positive for the virus.

10 people contracted the virus via direct contact. Of the people under treatment, 75 tested negative during the day marking full recovery. There are a total of 2112 people currently under treatment in various hospitals and 2304 people have recovered from their infections up to now.

There are 1,84,657 people under observation across the districts of whom, 1,81,876 remain in their homes and 2781 in different hospitals. 330 people were admitted newly to the hospital in the day for observation purpose.

A total of 6076 samples were sent for tests in the past 24 hours, taking the aggregate for samples forwarded for testing so far to 2,31,570.

There were 19 new hotspots declared during the day. They are : Kannur - Ward 5 in Pinarayi, Ward 11  in Kottiyur, Ward 4,9 in Karivallur-perllum, Ward 1 in Cherrukunn, Ward 7 in Perngolam-Vayakara, Ward 3 in Kadachira, Ward 19 in Ullikal, Ward 14 in Changai, Ward 18 in Kathiroor, Ward 13,15 in Chembilod, Ward 5,6 in Kollayad, Ward 9 in Padyum; Alappuzha- Ward 16 in Bharanikauv, Ward 4,9 in Kayamkulam Municipality, Ward 14,15 in Chengannur Municipality, Ward 14 in Palmel; Wayanad - Ward 4.5,9,10 and 12 in Thirunelli; Ernakulam - Ward 12 in Kathoor; Palakkad - Ward 8 in Thirumuttakod.