22 October Thursday

Coronavirus : 9016 New Infections; 7991 Recoveries; 7464 Contact Cases; Deaths 26

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Oct 17, 2020

Kerala Tracker : 3,34,228 Confirmed Cases; 2,36,989 Recoveries; 96,004 Under Treatment ; Deaths 1157


Thiruvananthapuram : The state recorded  9016 fresh Covid-19 cases today taking the total for confirmed cases so far in the pandemic to 3,34,228. There were 7464 contact infections reported during the day, of which the virus source to 1445 cases remain untraced. On other data for the day, there were 26 covid deaths and 7991 recoveries. With this, state death-toll in the pandemic rose to 1157 and recoveries to 2,36,989. A total of  96,004  persons remain under treatment currently.  104 health workers tested positive for covid today.

New cases: The districtwise breakup for the day’s 9016 new infections is : Malappuram 1519; Thrissur 1109;  Ernakulam 1022;  Kozhikode 926;   Thiruvananthapuram 848;  Palakkad 688;  Kollam 656;  Alappuzha 629;  Kannur 464;  Kottayam 411;  Kasaragod 280;  Pathanamthitta 203;  Idukki 140;  Wayanad 121.

Contact cases :The split for the day’s 7464 contact cases  across districts figures at  : Malappuram 1445;  Thrissur 1079;  Ernakulam 525;  Kozhikode 888;   Thiruvananthapuram  576;  Palakkad 383;  Kollam 651;  Alappuzha 604;  Kannur 328;  Kottayam 358;  Kasaragod 270;  Pathanamthitta 153;  Idukki 87;  Wayanad 117.

Recoveries :The districtwise tally for the day’s  7991 recoveries is : Thiruvananthapuram 860; Kollam 718; Pathanamthitta 302; Alappuzha 529; Kottayam 217; Idukki 63; Ernakulam 941; Thrissur 1227; Palakkad 343; Malappuram 513; Kozhikode 1057; Wayanad 144; Kannur 561;   Kasaragod 516.

Deaths: The identities pertaining to 26 deceased whose covid result were confirmed as positive today are - Thiruvananthapuram Karaman native Rajgopal(47);  Tholkode native Bhavani (70);  Idapazhanji naitve Dattu(42);  Karumam native Ajith Kumar(59);  Manajamood native Vijith(26);  Varkala native Usha(63);  Moongode native Satish Kumar(39);  Kollam Velliman native Madusudhan Nayar(75);  Kottarakkara native Sreedharan Pillai(90);  Palathara native Shagudeen(64);  Alapuzha Mananjeri native Thankamma Velayudan(79);  Ramapuram native Sursh(52);  Kottayam Ayarkonam native Paramu(84);  Kanjiram native Mathai(68);  Idkonam native SuresHasan Pillai(94);  Ernakulam Kadamatoor native Bhavani(81);  Thrissur Vellanikkara native Rajan(64); Poyyam native Vikleri(80);  Allappad native Parijith(103);  Malappuram Kuttyadi native Abdubekkar(54);  Perkam native Syed Muhammad(74);  Kottamudi native Khadeeja(68);  Ponani native Asarumma(58);  Manjapuram native Aravindakshan(61);  Kozhikode Nettoor native Amad)68);  Kannur Kakad native Jameela(60).

Testing, quarantine and hotspots
38,80,795  samples were for testing in the pandemic so far, - up by 52,067 sent in the past 24 hours.
A total of 2,76,900  people are under observation currently of whom, 24,965  remain quarantined various hospitals and the remaining 2,51,935  are being monitored in their homes/institutions. 2971 people were newly admitted into hospitals during today for observation purposes. Presently 96,004 people remain under treatment in various hospitals across the state.

There were 8 new hotspots  declared today, while 18 areas were taken off the list. Total hotspots currently in the state : 633.