05 June Monday

Security Arrangement For CM Same As Wayanad MP; Congress Has No Complaint Against Centre However: CM

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Monday Feb 27, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram: Only  protocol provided as per Z plus security  is  observed for Chief Minister,  said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan , in reply to the Adjournment Motion moved by  MLA Shafi Parambil in the Assembly.

Security arrangements  for special persons and very special persons  are  made in compliance to special  special guidelines of the Union Home Ministry.  With regard to security for special individuals in State, the decisions on nature of  security arrangements are made by the Security Review Committee that comprises  authorities from  Centre and State.

The Security Review Committee meets every 6 months and evaluates security rendered to special individuals. The   Chief Minster is currently assigned   Z plus security – the  category assigned to MP Rahul Gandhi representing  Lok Sabha constituency of Wayanad.

Kalamassery ruckus
When  Youth Congress, alleging police brutality, took out a march to Kalamassery police station, the Youth Congress workers turned violent, pelting stones and beating police with sticks, when they tried to block the march.  The protesters obstructed police from doing their duty and created traffic jam and other hassles.  Water cannon was used thrice to disperse protesters  creating conflict in the area. Six Civil Police Officers were injured in the Youth Congress attack on cops. Six Youth Congress workers have been booked in this regard. The injured policemen were admitted to Kinder Hospital in Kalamassery for medical attention.

Twelve people were arrested at the scene and  a case with  crime no. 419/2023 has been registered in  Kalamassery police station.  When miscreants  who attacked the police were fetched to the police station, MLA Shafi Paramil, DCC President and other Youth Congress workers barged into the police station  and obstructed police  from discharging their duties. Another case by crime no 420/2023 has been registered in this regard.

Police have also arrested four Youth Congress members, including a young woman, who hid themselves and then suddenly tried to jump in front of the Chief Minister’s convoy in Kalamasserry.  Police acted quick to prevent the four from being hurt by the reckless stunt in front of moving convoy.

In normal course, people wishing to protest over some govt matter, first give a advance notice, then gather members to conduct protest.  However what Youth Congress and BJP are now trying to inspire is,  jumping  before  moving vehicles. This is conspiracy to create  dangerous environment  like  never  witnessed in Kerala before. Police have taken measures to prevent this repeating and also moved legal course.

The police are focusing on how to  prevent mishaps when people choose to adopt unusual ways of protesting. When three or four people prepare to jump in front of a convoy, it is likely they have not thought of the dangers involved. However,  those who motivate them to act  like this, are well  aware of  likely consequences.  The reactions of these behind-the-scenes people reflect disappointment over their failed plans. To keep it short,  the CM’s convoy is not arranged as per  directions of  CM.

Why Cess
There should be change to opposing anything and everything for sake of politics. We should be able to stand together for good of the community.  We must understand that the some revenue had to be upped for  for larger welfare of the community.

It would do good if one understand the reason for UDF and BJP’s current protest. The UDF and BJP are against the two-rupee cess the Budget imposed on petrol and diesel. So what really caused it? The Central govt upped tax and cess on petroleum products 13 times and in a manner such that the State  will in no way receive share from the hike. And yet,  the Opposition did not conduct any kind of protest over this anywhere in the State.  What the Central government is doing is financially stifling the State so its everyday activities are disrupted and, the developmental and welfare activities including social security pensions etc are all destroyed.

With coming of GST the State’s ability to mobilise funds slumped  drastically. To top it, the Centre  cut down State’s power to borrow. These are reasons why the State has been forced to find means to mobilise resources. The Public in State  are well aware of this, which is why they stand by  the government and the ruckus you throw up remains just that without  larger support, said CM in reply to Shafi Parambil’s motion.