29 September Friday
No govt in the country has come out with such a people-committed budget yet, said Vijayaraghavan.

Despite Pandemic, A Budget With Emphasis On Welfare and Development : A. Vijayaraghavan

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Jun 5, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : Even as the state remains gripped by the dreadful pandemic, the first budget of 2nd Pinarayi government lays emphasis on people’s welfare and development projects, said CPI(M) acting Secretary A. Vijayaraghavan.  An outstanding feature of the Budget is that despite looming financial crisis, it does not pass a single  burden on the people and instead has schemes to lend them added relief.

The Budget that hinges heavily on economic counter policies is indeed a  role model for rest of the country.  Even as people struggle with covid conditions, the Centre is unceasing on its fuel hike. The central government is entertaining itself by raising taxes and watch people suffer. The centre does not do as little as to at least provide free vaccines to the people.

The Budget underscores the fact that LDF policy is in stark contrast with Modi’s policy that seeks to  hound people. The Budget is designed to take people under government’s care and help them tide over the pandemic. This government is committed to inoculate its population at all costs, without waiting for free vaccines and uncertainty thereof.

No government in the whole country has so far shown a commitment of such high degree to its people. Rs. 20,000 crores set aside for Covid package has set people's hopes high.  It is notable that healthcare facilities ranging from public health centres to hospitals at medical colleges will be upscaled further. Coastal protection, eradication of poverty and agricultural projects are examples of the Budget’s pro-people feature. Now it is time for CPI(M) workers should come forward to help carry out the Budget goals, said A. Vijayaraghavan.