29 September Thursday

Quality Education For All Children; That’s The Goal Govt Worked For: CM

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Feb 6, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram  There is  now change to the pre-exisisting  scenario when children of the state could not access quality education owing to financial constraints at home, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. This  government focused its  efforts to be able to provide education of international standards for all the  children, said CM inaugurating renovated buildings at 111 schools on Saturday.

One of the  government’s declared goals was providing quality education to all children without difference to their rich or poor backgrounds. And, the government is pleased to have met that  goal. Developing infrastructure at schools is part of preserving public education system. Funds required for the works were provided by KIIFB. Just what was the need to drag KIIFB into controversy?, asked CM.

The past few years were a period of major crises. The dreadful virus continues to coexist like a sibling to us. Ockhi and historic floods too created havocs of their own. However,  amid such hard times, the state was still able to record proud accomplishments.

There was widespread anxiety of how academics would be carried forward during covid. However, as in other sectors, the government decided to go ahead with online classes and the system was brought into effect very quickly.  The public and expert individuals came up in support for the new system and the govt did everything for its efficacy. Online education thus took off very well. The education department has thereby set an example of how to deal with a crisis competently when one occurs.

Children wait to return to  schools once the  pandemic is done with. All renovations have been done at 111 schools across the state. New facilities have been built in and awaits.   KIIFB helped achieve this goal. Today KIIFB is a familiar name to all. It not only provided crucial assistance but had also to tide over controversies flung from some quarters. The ingratitude is too much. Is it proper to derogate an establishment that provides aid?, asked CM.

Fund allocation to  all of state’s  development has its limitations. That’s when KIIFB becomes significant. Plans were drawn for  projects worth Rs 50,000 crore and  the state has so far completed developments projects worth Rs 62,000. This is the kind of progress everybody can see.

All persons,  not withstanding their politics, religion, caste or class, are members of our society. And, each should be able to enjoy the benefits of development, said CM.