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“RSS Leaders Stay In Touch And Vote For Us Routinely”: An Old Interview Video Gets Bothersome For Sudhakaran

K. T. SasiUpdated: Thursday Jun 10, 2021

RSS leader Vatsan Thilankeri visits Sudhakaran at his fasting pandal in Kannur : File Photo

Kannur :“I get BJP-RSS votes on regular basis.  I have secured their votes in 2009 Lok Sabha elections too. However things were different in 2014 when the  elections were targeted to bring Modi into power and there were strict instructions from leadership to prevent  Congress candidates from securing seats.” – these words come from Sudhakaran in an interview with South Life online channel shortly before the 2016 Assembly polls.

In the video, he openly admits to receiving BJP-RSS votes in Kannur where he consecutively contested Assembly elections since 1996 and later during 2009 Lok Sabha polls. Sudhakaran’s outpour came in explanation over losing Kannur to CPI(M)  candidate  PK Sreemathi in 2016.

“Several local BJP-RSS leaders get in touch routinely and cast their votes for us. However, in the recently concluded  elections(2014), most of them were sent away to Kasaragod and BJP workers from Thrissur  carried out poll activities in Kannur instead. As a result of this, there were no mutual communication or connecting up. And, that’s how RSS votes were lost,” revealed Sudhakaran. He also divulges reasons on how he lost out on NDF votes that regularly fell into his kitty.

Incidentally, K Sudhakaran, who swears to be a secularist with no links to RSS has not denied the video contents. Not yet.

Notably, when K Sudhakaran staged a fasting protest in front of Kannur Collectorate two years back, over slaying of a Congress worker there, one of the prominent faces that appeared at the venue was RSS leader Vatsan Tilankeri.